Building better Mecca together

To promote and support the launch of Mecca Bingo's new website

The campaign run for a month before the launch of the new Mecca website

I initiated, led and developed a multichannel campaign aiming to inform our customers about the new website, its key features and benefitss

The execution of the key visual incorporates the main improvements of the new website:

M - 'Make yourself at home in our community' - the website got a brand new community section

E - 'Easy to use' - reffering to the new search bar

C - 'Choose your favourite games' - the players can now store up to 15 games on their tab so they’re always right at hand

C - 'Colour it your way' - the customers can choose their favourite Mecca colour to customise the website look

A - 'Any time, any place, anywhere' - the new site is responsive

post image


introducing in a fun and engaging way the key features of the new Mecca bingo website to the customers.

post image


which all registered Mecca Bingo players received in their post boxes. While the envelope is sealed the box appears flat and it surprisingly pops out the moment the envelope is opened.

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giving information about the exciting and fun new features of the website to the players in the Mecca bingo clubs.

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